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All Levels Vinyasa Krama Courses!

Gift yourself the time to learn Yoga from one of the world's most inspiring and thoughtful teachers. By taking the plunge into this holistic, well rounded 1 Month Yoga Program, your practice and insight will reach new heights.


This month long course is intended for committed practitioners of any level or ability. Ideally each student should have a background in self-practice, and know at least half the Primary Series and most of the Moon Sequence before being ready to commit to this course.


  • Limited numbers to guarantee personal attention (max 20 students);

  • Vinyasa Krama - which begins with the Moon Sequence

  • Ashtanga Vinyasa - which begins with the Primary Series

  • Yoga Chikitsa - various postures and practices for everyone that can be uniquely tailored - for example, core strength exercises, back strength exercises, block routine, shoulder opening, use of props such as belts, power bands and foam rollers etc

  • Pranayama and Meditation - beginning with Ujjayi and Viloma, and then progresses into a comprehensive set of practices for experienced students

  • Kindness and compassion in action - particularly for your body, but also for others and the environment

  • Interpersonal Development - practices and guidelines to help each person feel fulfilled and interdependent, embracing both self and other in a mutually supportive manner

Course Timetable

Sunday to Friday

730-10am Pranayama and Asana Practice

Sunday to Wednesday

3-530pm Workshops and Satsang

The basis of the morning classes are Self Practice as opposed to Mysore Style. The fundamental philosophy between these two are different - the first (self practice) is encouraging an individual approach within a flowing sequence pattern, the second (Mysore style) is about getting the individual to conform to the set sequence. Vinyasa Krama aims at helping the individual, and altering any sequence for specific constitutions and conditions. Vinyasa Krama includes Ashtanga Vinyasa, but also supersedes it.

On a first time month long course, students will refine their understanding of the Moon Sequence and the Primary Series and if the ability is there, the Intermediate Series. Students will also learn some pre-practice routines such as blocks, core strength, and back care. Lastly students will learn the first stages of the VK Pranayama practice, and basic tools for meditation and inter-personal development.


Usually on a first time course students are not going to be learning the Lion Sequence - not until you have shown me a commitment and dedication to the VK practice - by returning to more than one course. Unless this commitment is demonstrated, learning the Lion Sequence is not appropriate or practical.


For students who have been practicing regularly under the guidance of one of my VK certified Level 3 teachers, then if a letter of recommendation is provided from that teacher, explaining the student has been practicing all of the Moon Sequence, and some of the Primary Series, then Lion will be taught in a first time course.


The same applies to learning the Level 2, 3 and 4 Pranayama - students need to keep returning to courses, demonstrating ongoing commitment and self practice of the prior stages in between courses.


In order to learn the Lion Sequence (or learn the Intermediate series or Advanced A) the student should have thorough knowledge and experience of the sequence that precedes it. In the case of the Lion Sequence this means self-practicing the Moon Sequence for 1-2 years - once or twice per week is enough - knowing all the names of the postures, what the postures mean in English, and all the correct vinyasa in between postures. For Intermediate this means thorough experience of Primary, the names and vinyasa, etc. Much of this will be learned during the course itself.


In addition it is recommended that a student knows at least half of the Moon Sequence and half of the Primary Series in self practice prior to attending any course with Matthew. This is important, so that you already have an established committed attitude towards self practice. You do not have to know either of those sequences perfectly, nor do you have to have the strength or flexibility to do all the postures. Just an understanding of what it means to self practice each of them fairly regularly. Half of each sequence is enough.


Some students may need significant variations and modifications for a number of Asana, particularly for the Primary Series, that is ok also. As long as the salutes and standing postures can be done in some manner, this is enough.


So prior to attending a course with Matthew, do your best to learn both of these sequences, and everything will flow wonderfully during the course.

Note: There are two payment options for all courses - either to my USD bank account (preferred) or to PayPal. If to the latter there will be an extra $50 fee due to exchange rate differences - to the bank account; no extra fee.


Lastly, please ensure you are on time for the first and last class for the course, we have opening and closing ceremonies to begin and end each one. It is mandatory to attend the first and last sessions, so your flights need to be adjusted accordingly. Anyone wanting to do Teacher Training with me (minimum two courses) and misses these sessions will not be eligible for the TTC. 


Looking forward to meeting you!


Matthew Sweeney