Yoga Teacher Training 2020 / 2022


Vinyasa Krama Level I

Sun and Moon TTC

6 Week Course!

Vinyasa Krama Mandiram

Nagi / Ubud, Bali


August 7 to September 17

Chandra Krama, Atapa Krama, Simha Krama


August 5 to September 15

Chandra Krama, Atapa Krama​, Simha Krama


August 2 to September 12

Chandra Krama, Atapa Krama​, Simha Krama

*Each TTC Includes One Year of Online Pre-Training,

which commences 12 months prior to the start dates above -

all pre-requisites need to be completed prior to the pre-training -

For example:

  • attend at least two courses (1x two-week and 1x four-week)

  • learn three different asana sequences,

  • learn three different pranayama techniques,

  • self- practice these methods over a period of time,

  • and have minimum confidence to teach all of it to others.

Please keep in mind most of my courses fill up at least one year in advance, so you have to plan well ahead in order to attend. Having a prior Yoga Teacher Certificate will give you an advantage on the waiting list, but you will still have to attend 2 courses with me typically, in order to learn all the material, practice it for a period of time, and then demonstrate to me that you have appropriate commitment and understanding. A lack of willingness to be a student (with me) before entering the TTC will preclude your attendance. 

I plan to do these training courses only every two years, to maximise my own energy and input, plus I do not want to mindlessly churn out teachers. This is a quality training that takes time and commitment, plus it is a highly enjoyable educational process for everyone involved. 

Level I Course

  • Three Sequences: Chandra, Atapa, Simha

  • Variations for all levels, and short sequences: New Moon, Ray of Light, and Lion Cub.

  • Pranayama for all levels


  • All applicants must attend at least 2 courses prior (individually assessed)

  • General Self Practice experience - 5 years minimum

  • Significant understating and Self Practice of the Moon Sequence (2 years minimum)

  • Some Self Practice of the Primary Series (half Primary is sufficient)

  • Practice of Level I and Level II Pranayama Krama

  • Have begun learning the Lion Sequence from Matthew

  • Participation in the online pre-training and be on time for all assignments (see below)

The first training program (Level I) combines learning to teach the Moon Sequence and learning to create flowing Vinyasa Krama alternatives based off the Moon Sequence and the Primary Series. Principles of Yoga Therapy will be explored, modern ethical principles, and communication skills and roleplay. You will be guaranteed a lot of time with teaching practicum; this course is not all theory, rather it is focused almost exclusively on actually practicing to teach, for over 60 hours, with adjusting skills, ethics, yoga philosophy and anatomy filling out the rest of the time. 


Please contact Matthew directly if you want to attend this course, and give a brief description of your Yoga experience and reasons for wanting to attend the program.


General Teacher Training Subjects:


  • Three Foundation Sequences

  • Adapting and modifying Vinyasa Sequences

  • Adjusting Skills

  • Communication Skills and Ethics

  • Pranayama and Meditation

  • Yoga Philosophy

  • Anatomy and Physiology

  • Yoga Therapy Principles 

These courses are not certified by Yoga Alliance - our standards are higher. 


Students will learn modern ethical standards and be guided your own moral compass. Most students will be able to attend the Level II course if you have already obtained a teacher training certificate (YA level I for example.) Some students who do not have a level I TTC already can complete the prerequisites by attending a minimum of 2-3 courses with me.


All students wanting to attend the Level I course must have self-practice experience, to be assessed individually. Teacher trainees are expected to have a willing desire to learn all aspects of Vinyasa Krama, and learn each aspect thoroughly and precisely. This means a commitment to these practices at home, in between courses. The teacher training process is not arduous, and only depends on your ability to commit to the practice and commitment to the learning process.


This course is not intended for just a holiday in Bali, it is a comprehensive program, both serious and fun! You will have some time for relaxation, but please be aware it is a TTC and not a casual course. 

One other vital aspect of this course, is the 12 months of online pre-training that takes place prior to the actual 1 month TTC. Included in this is the commitment to email me once per month giving a personal practice update, and also complete 10 specific assignments and post these onto the TTC FB group (yes you must join FB for this purpose). So there are 6 assignments from me, and 2 each from our anatomy and physiology and yoga philosophy teachers. A good idea is to put a note in your calendar for a specific day every month.


In the personal practice email you are to update me about your practice. That is let me know how the Moon sequence is going, how your Ashtanga practice is going, and how your body is in general. This email does not have to be long, but it does have to be done! If you forget to email me, the responsibility lies on you, and if you continue not to email me, you will not be eligible for the course. 


You will also join our online community of Level I and Level II teachers (once you qualify). This includes ongoing support, pre-training and education, and information on all things relating to Yoga practice: Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Vinyasa Krama, Hatha Yoga, Yoga therapy, nutrition, teaching styles, anatomy and physiology, yoga philosophy and more. Joining FaceBook is required for this service. We are private and discreet!


















Course Location and Accommodation


I am presently building Vinyasa Krama Mandiram, not far from the Arjuna statue in Ubud. With amazing jungle views the new home for Vinyasa Krama will be completed for the 2020 courses. Beautiful pictures to follow!


Accommodation will be offsite, so students can find any level to suit their budget. 


For accommodation questions please contact me



Level II Course

  • The Moon Sequence, Sunshine Sequence, & Lion Sequence

  • Self Practice TTC

This course begins with learning to teach the different aspects of Atapa Krama and the Lion Sequence via self practice classes. Trainees are expected to practice and assist with Matthew in at least one course before the Level II TTC and one course after the TTC to complete the training process.

For this reason it is not possible to do the Level I and the Level II TTC immediately one after the other. It is expected for most students that 1-2 years of practice and ongoing training occur between the two courses. It is advisable, however, for students who are interested in the Level III TTC to attend it as a student the first year (after completing the Level II TTC) and attending the course again the following year as a full trainee/assistant.

The Level II course involves teaching the Moon Sequence, Atapa Krama, Lion Sequence and the start of at least one of the VK Intermediate practices. For example, the Full Moon Sequence, King of the Jungle, or Surya Krama. Each trainee will conduct workshops during the course on various vinyasa forms (salutes, back bending, jumps, inversions etc) and on alignment, sequencing alternatives and pranayama. 



  • Attending 4 month courses previously (includes level II TTC)

  • Self practice proficiency with the Moon Sequence, Primary Series, Lion Sequence and some of the Intermediate Series

  • Completion (passing) of the previous Level II TTC

  • 10 years minimum self practice experience

  • 5 years minimum teaching experience

  • beginning to set up your own self practice classes


Please contact Matthew directly if you want to attend this course, and give a brief description of your Yoga experience and reasons for wanting to attend the program.


Course Costs

Level II: $1000 USD Deposit / Pre-Training (all online)

              $2000 USD Tuition

              $3000 USD Total


A non-refundable deposit of $1000 USD is required to secure your place. 




After full payment, if cancellation occurs then $1600 USD can be refunded. If cancellation occurs within 2 months of course commencement or during the course, no refund is possible. 




Remember to check if you need an Indonesian visa in advance. It is best for students to apply for a 2 month tourist visa from your home country. Please make your own inquiries about the visa requirements applicable to your nationality.


Please check your passport expiry date. You must have six months validity remaining on your passport from the date of your return from Bali.




Peter Rob, age 69, live and teach in Nome, Alaska
I recently completed Matthew's Level I and II Teacher Trainings.  His breadth of knowledge is amazing.  He teaches from and encourages his teacher trainees to teach from a position level with the students, avoiding putting oneself on a pedestal.  It is wonderful to be taught in this egalitarian way, to be respected and honored, no matter what your level of ability is.


Julia Sarano, 36 years old, Argentina/France

The Vinyasa Krama TT in Bali, with people from six different continents was a profound experience of personal training and dynamic contact with many facets of yoga.

There was a joyous and fluid combination of theory and practice. Each person acquired real skills to apply when teaching and had their own strengths and weaknesses illuminated. There was solidarity, harmony, hard work and great fun shared by the group.  Previous study with Matthew and a period of active correspondence with him was a prerequisite, so there was already a student/teacher relationship in place that was being developed before the TT even began.  We had the advantages of being taught as a mutually supportive group, and also one to one, in a very personal way. The experience was transformative, intense, focused, challenging and great fun.  There was a lot of sweat and a lot of laughter amidst a deep process of learning.

The combination of  asana, pedagogical theory, meditation, pranayama and more taught by Matthew, philosophy and anatomy courses taught by engaging and exceptional instructors, and the great merit that Matthew himself has as a teacher made the course a complete and profound experience.   Matthew has a deep knowledge of asana, and the skill to transmit this, yet he is also great fun.  He is a true teacher of yoga and asana, a meditator for decades now and an engineer of sorts who stimulates and develops in each student aspects of yoga that may be missing. He has a deep, intuitive aspect, combined with extensive knowledge.  One feels like he is both an intellectual and someone who acts and speaks from the heart.


Montserrat , 32 years old, teaching at Pacific Ashtanga, from San Clemente, CA

I had the honor of being a student at Matthew Sweeney's 2015 Moon Sequence TTC. Back in March, I spent 4 weeks of intensive training with Matthew, anatomy teacher Stu and philosophy teacher Emile. These people together made training so worth the opportunity to become a teacher! The students come from all over the world which made everything fun, energetic and took the edge of training!  The lovely staff at the Shala Bali made my stay so comfortable and the food was delicious! Looking forward to level 2 TTC and to more amazing experiences.


Suresh Munisamy, 30 years old, Indian national, teaching in Bangkok Thailand
Learning with Matthew was an amazing opportunity for me to look into my own practises with different perspective.  Matthews main emphasis is about creating balance between polarities, his guidance helped us to choose the practice consciously rather than doing some sequence for practice sake  . also it helped me to not to lose the track of opposite polarities, that's the speciality about this training:)

This course is a remarkable journey  which helps not only to improve my balance with proper co-ordination on the physical level, but also on the subtle level it directs me to go towards the inner :) One of the 'must do' trainings with 3 well versed international teachers :)


Jai Patil, 31 years old, from South India, teaching in Taipei, Taiwan for True Yoga

1: Moon Yoga TTC

We love your teaching style with Pranayama & Meditation, I like the sequence that you designed with nice flow & beautiful creation. When I started to practice I can feel my hips opening better & better. Now we know the way of creating new sequences, observing the student's strengths and weaknesses and also know to modify the classes or poses for beginners or injured students. Your way of adjustments was great and profound which will helps our students to feel more secure and safe. Special thanks for giveing us Anatomy & Philosophy classes. We learned a lot from this course, before this I never really knew any anatomy. 


2: Ashtanga TTC

Ohh yeah it's the most awesome course I ever learned. Before arriving I didn’t expect that I’m going to learn so much stuff. Many new techniques, alignments, adjustments , way of counting & workshop stuff. We have received lots of styles to teach our classes at home. Last word I can say from my heart is that after I took up the course with you, I feel that you are the Best teacher I ever met.


Jennifer Mullen, 57 years old, from Townsville, Australia, Psychologist and Yoga teacher

I am grateful for the opportunity to teach what I love, and to be reminded of the importance of breath and movement every day.  The immersion into Matthew Sweeney’s month long moon sequence training was pivotal in facing my fears, freeing my body mind and accessing my teacher, as I was not so distracted by my habits.  Learning along side people from other countries, cultures and teaching backgrounds provided a creative resource and a safe place for experiments.  The inclusion of yoga principals, philosophy, integrated functional anatomy and communication skills in community resulted in a rich and sound base for working with students.  The moon sequence practice is gentle, meditative and self nurturing, I enjoy having a beginners mind and working with people who might not otherwise choose yoga.




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