Courses & Retreats 2022

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Vinyasa Krama, Pranayama, Advaita Vedanta

Vinyasa Krama Mandiram Courses

Nagi / Ubud, Bali Location: Link

3 Month Self Practice Program

Attend for 2-12 weeks

January 8 to February 3

February 5 to March 3

March 5 to March 31

Attend for 2-12 weeks!

April 30 to May 26

One Month Course, All Levels

June 11 to July 7

One Month Course, All Levels

August 6 to September 2

Level I Vinyasa Krama Sun and Moon TTC 

Chandra Krama and Atapa Krama

See Course Prerequisites for details

One Month Course, Rishikesh, India

Vinyasa Krama @ Hill Top Swiss Cottage: Link

October 1 to October 27

Diwali October 24

Vinyasa Krama Mandiram Courses

Nagi / Ubud, Bali Location: Link

November 12 to November 25

Two Week Course, All Levels

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It is best for all students to have some experience of self practice - either the Moon Sequence, or the Primary Series, and preferably both of them - prior to attending a course. This means a minimum of 6 months practice, at least 3 times per week, in order to understand about 50% of those sequences. If you are not used to vinyasa, and self practice vs led classes, too many details, concepts, and practical learning will be difficult for you. Do your best to learn these sequences, and thus the refinement and changes I will make to your practice during the course will be easy to embrace. Having said that, you do not need to have any kind of advanced practice at all; any body, injury, or level of ability is welcome. I will do my best to assist you. 





Please note, all courses start at 3pm on Saturday afternoon, an introductory meet and greet, orientation and course information. It is critical that all students attend this class, even though it does not involve any asana... Most month long courses will finish on Thursday morning at 1030am, the final morning for self practice. This is to allow students a bit more time to depart and fit in a 30 day visa. However ALL students are expected to attend all classes, and cannot miss the opening and closing sessions, for any reason. Please adjust your flights accordingly. 

2 week courses and TTC will tend to finish on the final Friday morning, please check those courses individually.


Most courses have the following Timetable:

Sunday to Friday: 7-10am Pranayama and Asana (self practice)

Sunday to Wednesday: 230-530pm Workshops, Philosophy, and Meditation

2 week courses have an extra class on Thursday afternoon



All Courses are limited to 18-20 students.

Most courses fill up one year in advance,

so please be prepared to commit in advance.

$900 USD for 2 week courses in Bali (60 hours)

$1100 USD for 2 week courses elsewhere

$1200 USD for 4 week courses (100 hours)

In addition, committed returning students (2 or more courses) can attend a 4 week course for the first 2 or 3 weeks, with similar fees:

$900 USD for 2 weeks (first two weeks only)

$1100 USD for 3 weeks (first three weeks only)

Only one such student will be accepted on each course...



From January 2020 there will no longer be any refunds available for courses. 

Although I understand booking and committing one year (or more) in advance is a big deal for some people, it is the nature of my courses. As I limit all courses to 20 students, I am guaranteeing everyone individual attention. My courses are all high in content and quality! So I expect students to be willing and able to make this commitment, both financial and personal, to the teachings I am offering. I do so with ongoing commitment myself - to help, serve and be as beneficial as possible.

There will be some exceptions to the ‘no refund policy’ in the case of hospitalisation, or other significant trauma. Lack of finances, personal trouble, work changes, or other reasons will not be considered.


Once payment is made, you have made a significant commitment. Thank you! Anytime prior to course commencement, you can make a transfer to another course - as along as a replacement can be found. If no replacement student is available, no transfer is possible. Transfers are best done at least 6 months prior to course commencement. 


Om Shanti
Matthew Sweeney