VKM Online Led Classes

Online classes are now in full swing and running smoothly! Go to the bottom of this page to join the FB group so you can attend. Any changes to the schedule and special classes will be provided on the FaceBook page. Current timetable is as follows:


Thursday 12pm Moon Sequence / Lion Cub

Saturday 7am Moon Sequence

Saturday 3pm Sunshine Sequence

Sunday 12pm Lion Cub

Sunday 6pm Lion Sequence



Thursday 12pm Moon Sequence / Lion Cub

Saturday 7am Lion Sequence

Saturday 3pm Moon Sequence

Sunday 12pm Sunshine Sequence

Sunday 6pm Lion Cub

All times above are from Denpasar, Bali.

So make sure you look that up before booking a class. You can join any class from any location.


There are three main rules for attending these classes.

1. Please make a commitment to self-practice each sequences at home in between classes - approx 2x per week per sequence (or depending which sequence you're currently learning.)

2. Do not not teach any of these sequences to anyone unless you have my approval.

3. Do not not record these classes (audio or video.)


All classes will be approx 2 hours (or 2.15) with some guided Pranayama, and 5 minutes for Q & A at the end, so please be prepared for that length of time.

The fee for classes:

$15 for per class


I recommend buying the new VKM eBook:



You have my permission to print one copy for yourself, so you can have handy cheat sheets. I would also suggest that you take notes when you're learning the sequence, and write down any questions, so you can ask these at the end of any online class.  The book will also give you great background on what each sequence is about, what the Pranayama is for, and how to integrate it all.


If you are interested in these online classes please go to the following facebook page and join up.



Om Shanti
Matthew Sweeney