Online Led Classes

I am aiming to start some international online led classes, by the end of Sep, 2020. As I am still presently stuck in India, the start dates are uncertain. I will use the zoom app. Current planned classes are:

Thursday (various times): Chandra Krama (Moon)

Friday (various times): Atapa Krama (Sunshine)

Saturday (various times): Simha Krama (Lion)

Sunday (various times, and only organised in advance with select students): Advanced Sequences

I will do my best to cater to three different time zones:

Europe @ Rome time zone

The Americas @ New York time zone

Asia/Australia @ Denpasar time zone.


This is to give the most people the most options for practicing. You can join any class from any location however :)



  1. There are no prerequisites for attending the Moon Sequence classes.

  2. To attend the Sunshine Sequence led class (a liberated version of the Primary Series) either you have to have done a course with me, OR attend at least 1 Moon Sequence led class online. This includes putting both of these sequences (Chandra and Atapa) into self practice at home, so you start learning them thoroughly.

  3. To attend the Lion Sequence led class, you have to have done a minimum 4 week course with me (within the last 5 years), and you must have learned Atapa Krama in Self Practice, if not, you have to do at least 1 Moon Sequence classes, and 1 Sunshine Sequence class above, before this class will be open to you. This includes putting those sequences into self practice at home, so you start learning them thoroughly.

  4. The Advanced Sequence classes are only available to students who have done multiple courses with me, on a case by case basis.


All classes will be approx 2.5 hours with some guided Pranayama, and 10-15 minutes for Q & A at the end, so please be prepared for that length of time.

The fee for classes:

$15 for all classes

OR $100 per Month


I recommend buying the new VKM eBook:


You have my permission to print ONE copy for yourself, so you can have handy cheat sheets. I would also suggest that you take notes when you're learning the sequence, and write down any questions, so you can ask these at the end of any online class.  The book will also give you great background on what each sequence is about, what the Pranayama is for, and how to integrate it all.


If you are interested in these online classes please go to the following facebook page and join up. It's free! 



Om Shanti
Matthew Sweeney