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Within the Vinyasa Krama Training Organisation, we have two basic levels to practice, teach and train to teach:

Level I Vinyasa Krama

Led classes: Beginners to intermediate, flowing movement based asana practice. Focused on the Moon Sequence, the Sunshine Sequence, and Lion Cub as a balanced tripod that harmonises Surya and Chandra.

Level II Self Practice

Beginners to advanced, with individual guidance and pranayama. This level of teaching is much broader, in depth, with focus on tailoring each sequence to the individual versus the other way around. Includes the Moon Sequence, the Sunshine Sequence, the Lion Sequence and other intermediate level practices, beginner to intermediate level Pranayama, Meditation and more.

Self Practice Teachers

Each of the following teachers comes highly trained and qualified to teach the approved sequences in traditional

"self practice" style. Each teacher is capable of adapting the sequences for your individual requirements and conducting workshops and technique classes for groups.  Consult the individual teacher for a specific timetable.




Asia and India

Bangkok, Thailand
Nawarat Teeraprasert (Naw)
IG nawrush / ashtangasamasthiti

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Matthew Sweeney
Vinyasa Krama Mandiram


Australia and New Zealand

Nelson, New Zealand

Tiffany Fleetwood-Bird



Europe and UK 

Hendaye, France
Arminda Marrero Garcia

Xabi Adonegu



Paris, France

Renan de Germain



USA and Canada

Rock Island, IL

Kelly Harris

Evan Harris







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