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DVDs & Audio

1. Vinyasa Unlocked

2. The Moon Sequence

3. The Primary Series 

4. The Intermediate Series

5. Sounds of Yoga 


eBooks & Posters 

6. Ashtanga Yoga As It is

7. Vinyasa Krama

8. Primary Series Poster

9. Moon Sequence Poster

eSeries Booklets 

10. Vinyasa Technique eSeries 

11. Primary Series Variations



All of the items on my website are now digital only, for hardcopy items please use the links below.


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In future all hard copy items that I have produced are available from Yoga Lifestyle USA. They are exclusively managing my distribution, sales and wholesale. Please use the links provided.


Ashtanga Yoga As It Is



Vinyasa Krama



Ashtanga Yoga Travel Book



Vinyasa Unlocked DVD



Moon Sequence DVD



Posters - Unfortunately hard copy is no longer available,

download a digital copy and go to you local printer for best results!